How does an organization help our students?

We Love STEM procures resources and supplements funding for the benefit of the students. We Love STEM can raise money for both long term and short term projects

How can I support We Love STEM?

Donate! The dedicated Science instruction at both campuses is privately funded and dependent upon donations and grant support. Please consider a 10-month subscription.

Grants. Does your employer offer matching grants? Do you love to write or have experience with grant writing? We need you! Learn more.

Volunteer. The success of this organization is dependent on volunteers.   Some tasks are small and require no more effort than stuffing an envelope or sending an email.  Other tasks, like helping out at a fundraiser, may only require one or two hours on a specific date. We Love STEM Board members make one and two-year commitments. Learn more.

How can my business help and benefit from We Love STEM?

We Love STEM is always looking for community support to help provide supplies for the engineering and science programming. Learn six ways you can help.

The Kaiser Woodland Schools represent nearly 1,100 students and their families. We Love STEM Business sponsors will be featured on our website and our email correspondences. We Love STEM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Why do you need We Love STEM? How is it different from a PFO?

Many of the school districts throughout California are struggling financially to ensure the best education for their students. Organizations like PTA’s, PFO’s, and Foundations are formed to supplement the educational needs of their students.

We Love STEM adds an extra arm of support to the existing PFO and without the restrictions present in a PTA.  Funds raised by the organization in a single year can be invested over multiple years to fund larger projects, while still being flexible enough to address immediate needs. Learn more about whyWe Love STEM was started.

Can I donate money to a specific project?

Some events are specifically designed to raise money for a specific need. If you would like to make a direct donation to a specific Foundation project please let us know and we make sure to allocate it accordingly.

Learn more about the history of the Kaiser Woodland Schools Foundation.