The Foundation Board is compromised by parents and teachers like yourself who are interested in improving the science education at Kaiser and Woodland schools. We welcome and encourage your participation. Please see the events page or email us to find out how you can join us and have your voice heard.

2016/2017 Board of Directors

Officers (click name to email)

Madeleine Walburger, Chairperson

Tom Leahy, Vice Chair of Finance & Grants

Noah Slater, Vice Chair, Internal Operations

Lisa Henderson, Vice Chair of Regulatory Compliance

Rachel Van Exel, Secretary

Board Members

Lee Vujnovich, Director of Communications

Melanie Hohman, Director of Events

Dawn Nicolaisen, Director of Grants

Sherrilynne Dangl, Kaiser Elementary Liason

Katy Denis, Director of Community Fundraising

Monique Montiel, Woodland Elementary Liason